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When does a parent’s duty to financially support a child end? Often times where parents of children have separated and their divorce or maintenance order did not specifically deal with the amount and duration of maintenance, the waters become murky as to money issues. As a parent, are you required to continue to maintain your […]


Most people only come across the term servitude upon purchasing property and even then, are left with confusion as to what a servitude is outside of that particular context. Here’s what you need to know: A servitude is a right that one person has to use or enjoy the property of another person, other than […]

Foreign Land Affairs

South Africa has become a common place for foreign homeowners. The South African property market is a great investment for foreign nationals willing to spend their dollar’s, pound’s and euro’s here. Whether you have been attracted by the delightful light blue waves of Pennington beach or have fallen in love with the bountiful hills of […]


Units within Sectional Title Housing Schemes are very much part of the South African property ownership experience, but so few of us know how and why schemes, and the communal interests of the owners, are governed or regulated. The Sectional Titles Act brought a new concept into South African  Property Law.  Previously the old Roman […]


Cannabis has historically been criminalised in South Africa. It has, until recently, been a criminal offence to possess, cultivate or use cannabis. However, this position was drastically altered by a ground-breaking unanimous judgment by the Constitutional Court in the case of Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development and Others v Prince late last year. This case came before […]

What exactly is my Domicilium Citandi?

  Quite often when completing a form or signing a contract one comes across a clause, usually at the end, that refers to a domicilium citandi et executandi. This so-called domicilium clause is found even in documents as simple as, for instance, the form one would complete when visiting a new doctor for the first […]

A New Home For Your Wish List?

If you are looking to buy a new home this new year, planning is essential. Save for the largest deposit you can afford, have all the required documents ready and remember, the sooner you put yourself in a position to enter the property market, the better. Although it is generally advised to enter the property market as […]


So, you just bought some new land or a new house and now you’re wondering about boreholes as supposedly being the eco-friendly and energy-efficient way of getting running water onto your property. For some parts of South Africa domestic boreholes have become a growing trend due to the unfortunate and crippling drought situation which this […]