Social media undoubtedly plays a huge part in our personal lives. But what role can it play in your business?

Social media platforms are a fantastic marketing resource for businesses of all sizes, as the far reaching nature of social media posts makes it a powerful and cost-effective tool for promoting your business brand and interacting with your customers. But before you take advantage of the benefits that social media can offer your business it is crucial that you have a proper social media policy in place.

Employees are often the face and voice of a business however an employee’s actions on social media can have serious consequences, not just for an employee personally, but also for you as an employer. The troubles faced by Penny Sparrow, Chris Hart and Gareth Cliff provide a few examples of the potential issues that can result from social media posts.

As an employer you cannot prevent your employees from using social media, but you can provide them with guidance on safe and responsible use of social media platforms. A proper social media policy ensures that employees take accountability and understand how their actions can affect their employer.

A social media policy is not only a means of limiting a business’s risk. Businesses can also use a social media policy to create a social media strategy that aligns employees’ actions on social media with the objectives of the business.

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By: Randles Attorneys